Love on the Run

My meal times are becoming more and more interesting -- proof that I'm actually socializing more lately. There were some weeks I actually eat and catch up on whatever book I'm reading or watch an episode I need to catch up on. I told ya, I am a secret introvert. Thankfully, I snapped out of that phase and am back to actual conversations.

Since I hang out with either people younger than me or older than me, we got to talking about the song of our youth. I tried to think of the crazy RNB music that played nonstop when I was in my teens but this would have to be the one with the highest recall. Parang, ito yung Clarity namin, or some Zedd song. Maybe not as mainstream, but I loved this song, danced to this song a lot of times, and jammed to this while driving.

Love on the Run | Chicane

Darn -- the song invokes so many memories! Funny, silly, crazy, scary memories. It's hard to imagine they happened just maybe a little less than 10 years ago. So much has changed since. And as much as I am fond with them, my guess is that they're just bound to remain that: memories.

Ah, what Chicane can do on a slow Tuesday afternoon.