Chronicles of Primers: Happy Skin's Insta Beauty Blur Cream

Let me let you in on a secret: I wish I could just skip makeup most days. Sa totoo lang,  I just work across my home anyway and I don't face so many people most days of the week. Plus, I could always just apply makeup when I need to, if I'm meeting new people. You know what's my makeup factor these days? PHOTOS. Everybody snaps photos all the time, even in corporate environments and the thought of an ugly photo of me surfacing somewhere is just not that attractive.

My favorite local beauty brand Happy Skin is quick to take note of this and have come out with a blur cream, to somewhat perfect what is imperfect in some of us.

Beauty in an instant! No filter needed. The Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream is a soft focus primer foundation that refines large pores and fills in lines & wrinkles giving you an amazingly smooth base for make-up to glide over. With this all-in formula, you get a light tinted veil that corrects, brightens, and blurs away skin imperfections. Used alone or under makeup, this multi-tasker not only preps the skin but also boasts anti-aging properties. It vanishes imperfections instantly before your eyes and helps turn back time, too!

My observations:

  • The consistency of this tinted primer is maybe half watery, half viscous. I'd say I was expecting it to be a little more gel-like, and was kind of surprised it was more foundation than primer.

  • The matte effect was not 100% matte, as I'd expect from a primer, which was fine, given there was a little glowing effect that it gave.

  • I'd say there was noticeable blurring effect -- but I'm not exactly poreless after, which is fine.

  • That's me, above, wearing HS' Insta Beauty Blur Cream, and I'd say it appropriately covered the necessary blemishes to be hidden. It can sufficiently replace my current liquid foundation, for days when I feel like I want a light cream to use {which is a necessity in this humidity}.

  • Pretty pricey at PHP 1,299 for a small tube but nonetheless would last a long time.

Happy Skin Insta Beauty Blur Cream is available at all Plains & Prints stores, Beauty Bars and online via

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