Things I Love Sundays: Namaste

I'd gone back to yoga this week and that is one of the best things I did. Ever done hot yoga on a hot summer day? It's a complete challenge: I kept steadying myself amidst the heat and I was swimming in my own sweat. However, it had been what I needed, a release. 

The week has been a lot about work and then some, online courses left and right and settling down to read. Amidst accomplishing a lot, I feel like a ton is still left to be done, involving today, a Sunday! Anyway, some of the highlights of my week below. 

A friend's miracle. A prayer granted. The start of something new and the end of something. Building new things, having the most amazing friends.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 over the weekend, and I was laughing, in stitches all the time. :P 

I can't believe it was already Grey's Anatomy Season 11 finale. For once, it was nothing like all the other finales. Maybe the show's growing up, too.

Looking forward to this quite busy but challenging week ahead. I hope you have a great one, too!
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