How to Travel Light

Happy Friday! 

Sometime ago, I told you ladies how I've booked a random trip to Australia over a particular Saturday. As I move towards this, and by sheer fortune, I chanced upon an inspirational workshop with fellow female travelers were having last week. We were lucky to have long term traveler Alexandra Jimenez. I discovered Alexandra when I read an article written in Cosmopolitan, about a woman who quit her high paying job to go on a three month sabbatical and eventually traveling for seven years now. 

By the age of 26, Alexandra Jimenez had a demanding and successful career in the corporate fashion world. She made good money, lived alone in Los Angeles, and enjoyed the spoils of young independence — dinners out, designer clothes, and a luxury car. When she was first demoted and then quit her dream job, she was crushed. She decided to spend three months traveling to recuperate and refocus.

I am extremely inspired by women who drop everything {with planning and determination} to chase their dreams and forge a new kind of path not a lot of us know how to go through. When I found out of the workshop here in Manila, I just had to go. What did I learn? 

  • Fabric is the essential factor that changes the game. I agree wildly with this one, because I tend to get uncomfortable with thick fabrics so I do pack thin clothing whenever I travel during the summer season wherever I'm going. Be careful to not choose too sheer clothing though, especially ones where you need to layer. Hold it up against the sun if you have to. Dress respectfully. If you're traveling long term, make sure the fabric is durable.

  • Laundry. My mom taught me how to wash clothes when traveling, and I'm a changed woman since. Sure, I still bring a lot, and that's because I bring a lot of what-if outfits. I do wash every three days, especially if I'm staying for three or more days in a city. Laundrying clothes help in minimizing clothes needed. Bring sachets of detergent if you need to, or buy from the convenience store, if you want. Most airBNBs would have a washer and dryer, or hotels would often have washers with coin slots.

  • Make sure clothing can be worn in more than one setting. Can your sun dress double as a beach cover up? Can it also be dressed up as an evening cocktail dress?

  • Avoid just in case / what if items. I'm guilty of this -- what if I had to accept an award and had to be in evening gown? What if I had to wear high heeled shoes while touring around Europe? And you know what? All those just in case never happened. And in any case, one can always shop!

  • Mix and Match. And choose just one color story, preferably neutrals. This way, you can create various outfits from various items.

  • For shoes, pack one for comfort, one for function and one wild card.

  • Don't forget the accessories. Pack a hat, scarves and not too heavy necklaces, earrings and bangles.

  • Love what you pack. Especially for long term travelers, the moment you leave your home with your belongings, you're basically stuck with those until you return. I once left without my entire makeup kit and survived it in London and Paris. Special thanks to Rimmel and the green crossed pharmacie but it would've been tough because I didn't have anything to love. Hehe.

How about you? How do you pack light? Any tips?
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