Things I Love Sundays: Answered Prayers

My mom told me that good things happen to people who pray and stay close to God {though it's rarely  a guarantee for a stress free life}. While my life stayed relatively amazing, there were things I was desperate to pray for, a lot of them. And this week, my answers came answered. I'm extremely grateful.

There's a lot of transitioning happening in my life right now, too, and I'm very excited for the forthcoming changes. I really can't say much except that it was exceptionally unforeseen. And needed.

Anyway. I really wanted to share a video I watched over the weekend. I've been seeing this all over my feed, and I love the back story, the emotion AND the SONG! Marina and Ulay were ex lover who separated 30 years ago by having their final embrace at the Great Wall of China. In 2010, Marina Abramovic did a live exhibition called The Artist is Present, in MoMA. Ulay is a fellow artist who made a surprise appearance, therefore shocking the crowd. The music was written and performed by How I Became the Bomb based on their encounter.

It takes a long time, perhaps even a lifetime, to understand Ulay.
— Marina Abramovic

Needless to say, I was amazed at how artistic his interactions with this woman has all been. And quite sad, too. I suppose the human mind is always fascinated with what it can't understand. 

Happy week ahead! 
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