Kindness is #SIMPLE

I believe that now, more than ever, it's really the everyday components of life that makes us beautiful, or ugly, or harassed, or stressed. It's the morning meditations when you wake up, a little quiet before the world begins its tangible rotation, it's the "good mornings" you give your loved ones and the joy that you let yourself spring upon you and others. It's the quiet tolerance you allow yourself and others when something untoward comes upon you. It's the choice of sustenance you make for yourself: healthy food or fatty, oily food? It's getting to play with pets and children when you get the chance. It's laughing. BELLY laughs. It's kissing and hugging and letting yourself be loved.

I find that as I get more and more consumed by everyday stresses, the harder it is to be kind to oneself. It's hard to crack a smile in the face of truly grit-inducing situations. It's tough to keep composed. It's tough to have a calm composure but we try really well. Tough to maintain hair stylist appointments and prior to tonight, my eyebrows have been un-waxed for months. MONTHS! I haven't had a proper salon time until last week and retouched my color, had a hair cut and freshened my curls. It's hard to be high maintenance.

Thank goodness for modern drugstore brands now which provide us all the natural, kind and inexpensive option, that is UK's leading drugstore brand, SIMPLE.

Simple believes that skincare is not just about how skin looks, but how skin feels because ultimately, it’s about how women feel about their skin.

•The Simple Skincare range offers products that provide superior makeup removal and skin cleansing for sensitive skin. 
•It contains only skin-loving ingredients that are kind to the skin and kind to the planet. 
•All products in the Simple Skincare range are free from color, perfume, and other harsh chemicals that can harm or irritate the skin. 
•Its products clean the skin thoroughly, yet gently, leaving it feeling healthy, cleansed, and hydrated.
•    It works in harmony with the skin for a calming and hydrating effect.


  • Micellar Cleansing Water: P 499 (200ml), P799 (400ml, Watsons exclusive). The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is our most advanced facial cleanser to date, yet is gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. It contains micelles, which are clever cleansing bubbles that work to lift away makeup and impurities, unclogging pores while instantly boosting skin hydration by 90%.

  • Moisturizing Facial Wash: P 299 (150ml) Simple Moisturizing Facial wash thoroughly cleanses the skin, ridding it of oil, dirt, and impurities without leaving the skin feeling dry and tight. It’s made of only the purest ingredients and skin-loving multi-vitamins to keep sensitive skin clean and hydrated.

  • Hydrating Light Moisturizer: P 499 (125ml) Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer is created with the perfect blend of multi-vitamins, glycerin, and borage seed oil to keep the skin hydrated for up to 12 hours as it instantly doubles the skin’s hydration levels. It’s made with triple purified water, making it perfect for the most sensitive skins.

  • Dual-effect Eye Makeup Remover: P 499 (125ml) Simple dual-effect eye makeup remover effectively removes eye makeup in one go without stinging or irritating sensitive eyes. Its 2-part formula composed of oil and purified water instantly dissolves waterproof eye makeup, making rubbing a thing of the past. It also delivers care to eyelashes, leaving it healthy and hydrated.

I love my trial stash of Simple and I'm happy to know that they're available at Watsons for when I run out! xx