Things I Love Sundays: Birthday Edition

It's a sleepy morning for me today, on a Tuesday and not on a Sunday as I normally post such things. I needed the extra time, my birthday fell on a Sunday so parts of it was slow and chill and just spent in hugs and kisses from my boys, and some parts having people over. It's been a while since we hosted people at home so that was FUN. We started the day by ordering food from Conti's -- no I did not cook, as opposed to my guests actually thinking I was gonna cook. After that, it was time for our happy place AKA S&R to pick up moscato, rosé, whiskey and some reds and whites and of course CHAMPAGNE :P Life is all good and well.

We had breakfast birthday brunch at Bizu and Butters of course had some ruckus with other small dogs in the area. I napped a bit after this, binge watched How to Get Away with Murder and Grey's Anatomy. I love these shows but crazy, crazy episodes!

Our little family photo <3 #TeamButters

Our little family photo <3 #TeamButters

Birthdays have always been moments of celebration but it's become more and more moments of introspection and deep thought. I wonder so much if I am the same person as I was 1, 3 or 5 to 10 years ago and I quickly realize I'm not and I'm glad for it. Some things I've been thinking about lately:

  1. You're the best person to teach other people how to love you. One of my good friends {Hi Nic!} told me that a person gets to see past through bullshit after the age of 30. You know what? It's true, because you've also have done so much BS in life, you know one when you see one. However, it's a continuous work in progress. One of the most valuable lessons I learned this year is that one cannot expect someone to just love / respect them -- you need to teach them how. You have to show them how it's done.

  2. Life is better if you just work out. Life will suck less, you'll have more energy and you won't be as fat. Take it from me and my one size bigger jeans. GASP!

  3. You can't please everyone, so just stop doing that. You can be Mother Teresa and still have haters.

  4. At the same time, you could be very well loved. And it may be a few people but it will be very well worth it.

  5. It does pay to have savings. Because there will be a time when you would need it and you would be thankful for all the times you chose not to give in to the sales and the shopping and the lattes.

  6. When you've gone to extreme situations, nothing like small blips will bother you anymore.

  7. The first few months of dating is the most exciting, but the next steady parts are the best. It's amazing to be perusing aisles of S&R together, wondering how much ketchup you need as well as which alcohol to serve at your birthday party.

Incidentally, it's also Thanksgiving Day where I am {I'm in the North!} and my butt is freezing here. I'm glad to have resources to be with my family. I'm happy to have family and turkey and my boys waiting for me back home.

Happy Thanksgiving!