Saturday Mornings

I woke up today with a so much softness and warmth in my heart. Last night, I spent time catching up with two of my favorite people in the world, talking about what has happened in the months I haven't seen them. Work is just the right kind of busy: enough to make me feel the right kind of challenges, to turn my cogs a'wheelin' and enough to give me a life outside of it. I've been seeing friends, too, talking about life changes, milestones, where we want to be in life and dreaming, too.

The truth is, everyday is not like this. Many a day, I would wake up in cold sweat, I would think of the current state of all that's needed to be done, all the work that's waiting, all the issues that need to be dealt with, the fights to be had and errands to be ran. 

But today is not one of those days. Today, I woke up beside someone I love and loves me, a puppy who makes me feel like there's nothing more that can be more wonderful than my existence and the freedom to just be {at least for a few hours until I need to get up and have my hair done} and the feeling of gratitude that I am alive.

That's how my weekend looks like: a whole lot of Butters, painting {I CAN!!}, Make Up For Ever drops, Mizz Makeup Jamie's wedding to Red, playtime with my playmate A at Liz's birthday, lots of hugs and kisses and Russell Peters, Netflix, Super Bowl 50 {!!!}, Sunday mornings with my breakfast partner, one of the best mornings waking up to a fab massage from the night before.

Happy Saturday!