Things I Love Sundays: Life Milestones

It's a slow Sunday for me, finished cooking brunch for folks at home -- the man of the house and his crew watching UFC 200. A year ago, you wouldn't have thought I'd be making smoothies for men hanging at home to watch other men {and women} grapple at each other but here I am. It's been a very different life from one year ago, I thought. It's the same thought my bestfriend Viber-ed me yesterday.

That's me and four day old Lana, my best friend's daughter. We braved Saturday rains and the long and winding road to the South to see this little bub and see my friend who has just given birth to a new life. What a feat! We also had a chance to talk about the intricacies of being a new mom -- so much strength and wonder and courage to be one. I am amazed.

Butters has been sick and pretty lethargic but has shown some signs of improvement. I am hoping to get him back on his kulit feet soonest. As for me, I've been extra likot lately, when we got to try a friend's VR gear, HTC Vive. Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived into the future.

On the topic of cheesy, I'm feeling extra grateful for Mike these days. As we were winding down last night to close down the week and the very relaxing weekend we had, we thought about how different our lives have been playing out since we decided to be together. We both agreed we had it better together, and there was a quiet, gentle contentment between the two of us. Today, I just realized how lucky I am to have someone who cared and carried for Butters the whole time, bringing him to where I needed to be {in the South!}, made me coffee everyday without a day missed. I'm lucky to know that a year ago, I wished I cleaned the apartment with someone and here I am, having Pine Sol competitions with him, on who cleaned the bathroom better. I am lucky that I get to spend the evening clapping as we installed bath towel hooks at home, he, whose happiness stemmed from the fact that a new shower head made me happy. He who gave me my wish of eating Vietnamese for the night despite being sick of Vietnamese already. He who gives Butters a bath when Butters needs it and patiently blow dries his fur, while making him eat Dentastix. He who takes care of our laundry pick up and deliver, and had our chairs reupholstered too. I had so wanted to skip the massage last night, but after all these things done for me, it was the least I could do: get him a masseuse, not me HAHA!

Anyway, that's my happy song for the week LOL. Happy week ahead!