Bare Beauty

I'm not one to push for bare faces many times --- but if one looks amazing in it, then by all means :) I admire women who can face the world bare faced and beautiful -- I still can't. But doesn't mean I can't be bare elsewhere. My soul. Or something. I'm kidding :P

Tara's Bathroom Essentials

First and foremost, I believe in an amazing bathroom experience. It's probably the only place I am fully naked most of the time, as I think most people are. I could say the same about my room or my house but I don't do that as often now :P

In our bathroom, you can find my favorite sonic toothbrush to date, Philips Sonicare Clean White, my current coffee table read, Kate Spade All in Good Taste, Mike's Vanilla candle from Ysabel Home and a new addition to the bare experience, Bare Shampoo in Birch Leaf, Bare Conditioner in Chamomile, Bare Body Wash and Lotion in Green Tea.

First things first. I choose products to use in the bathroom in terms of how they look against everything we have inside. I'm a firm believer that things should be pretty if I can help it, and it's amazing that Bare passes my aesthetic standards for the bathroom. I'm also happy that they come in huge 500mL bottles so I don't need to restock as often!

The Experience

Bathing and moisturizing with Bare feels very light -- it's as if the gods of natural beauty come down from the heavens to bless us with light, non-chemical feel bathing paraphernalia, with that light scent of goodness. It certainly does not feel dry or lacking, as certainy most organic or natural products feel like, especially the conditioner, Chamomile scented for sensitive scalp. To me, the winning combo was the Green Tea body wash + Green Tea lotion, applied especially on a relaxing day lounging at home. The feel is light, airy and the scent not at all overwhelming. 


I have been using rather chemical-heavy products prior to trying Bare out and I'm glad I took a break from those. It's been a refreshing journey with Bare in my bathroom, can't wait to try the other variants (there's a total of 7!) once I'm done with my stash. 

Each bottle is available at Beauty Bar for PHP 550 per 500mL.