Things I Love Sundays: Favorite Things

Happy Sunday! xx I'm blissfully back in bed on this Sunday morning with Netflix on and a happy tummy from an early breakfast. I've crossed several milestones at work and really glad to have crossed off some big items recently. I'm especially proud to share this video {which is part of a bigger campaign altogether} with you from us at Globe Telecom:

Here's an image of my favorite things this week, too:

  1. Make it Blissful Journal. This is from a #GetBlisstified workshop with Martine and Kimi and right now, that's where I write all the things I see myself doing and things I want to put in writing like things I want to accept within myself.

  2. Max Factor Creme Puff Powder and Soffia Brush. Loving the full coverage -- just what I need for very full days.

  3. Kate Spade Gold Glitter Water Bottle.

  4. Post Script Money Envelopes. I recently realized we give cash more and more at weddings and eventually this Christmas so I had personalized envelopes made for me and Mike. Mine has a pink flap and Mike gets a Chinese gold lucky one :)

  5. YouTheory Collagen Capsules. Here's a funny thing: Since the collagen needs to be taken every day in total of 6 capsules, one night, I took two at a time and realized quite late, that I had very little water in my glass. Both capsules got stuck in my throat and before I knew it, I was choking. I Googled "what to do choking capsules stuck throat" and I got to a Reddit thread on how to dissolve the capsules using ginger ale. Thankfully, we had ginger ale in our pantry so I lied down flat on the floor {while Mike is in the bathroom, singing aloud to some YouTube video ha ha, couldn't hear me knock}, and let the fizz dissolve the caps. While all this was happening, Butters was of course, happily licking me in the face. In the end, I didn't die. Lesson learned: always have ginger ale.

  6. The Body Shop Vitamin C Moisturizer and Glow Enhancer. A girl needs all the help she can get.

  7. Happy Skin Glam Squad Eyeshadow and Liquid Lip. AHHHH, I was such a fan, I got another one yesterday, the Mickey See one! So gorgeous!

  8. Balay Kandila. This is Martine's candle from the #GetBlisstified workshop and its scent is heavenly and blissful <3

What are you doing today and what are you loving today?