Things I Love Sundays: September 2016

When I look at people while I'm standing in a crowd, I most often wonder {and wander, and run away} with my thoughts, I find myself thinking of what people think as they feel the seconds tick tock against the day. Am I making a difference in the world today, instead of just pushing capitalist values? Am I subjecting myself to physical and psychological torture? Is this grit or is this too much? Sometimes, I really wish had a pause button, albeit limited in a lifetime. 

I find that actual writing down of goals, objectives and ideas on paper helps my mind achieve clarity. Perhaps it's the paper being touched by the pen that makes this novelty such a therapeutic thing. I don't know.

So I've started to acknowledge and to write down everything I've ever felt doing, everything I've aspired for, all the things I'd love to exert my love and passion for, and everything I'd love to change in my life, or with myself. It's getting to be a long list, but we always shoot for the moon, don't we?

So that's my weekly reminder to myself: to live life in service of others but not forgetting to follow my instincts and my own beliefs and listen to my own voice. Many times, I don't, really, and try to please people around me, and trying to edit myself to become an acceptable version everywhere. I've become too acceptable, in many cases.

ANYWAY. Here are the things I love from this past week. Here's to more lovely weeks ahead!

I was part of the audience at a school talk where my boyfriend had a talk on startups along with other successful Xavierians {Lance Gokongwei, Hans Sy, Jerick Limhuangco, Senators Sonny Angara and JV Ejercito} and it had been an inspiring Saturday!

It had been a productive weekend, looking forward to doing more this week!