My Favorite Highlighter of All: Jessie J x Make Up For Ever


Jessie J x Make Up For Ever

Of all the beauty bloggers in Manila and those who are just passionate about beauty, I think I'm the one who caught on to the highlighter trend pretty slow. Back in the day when girls are swarming over Becca, I completely forgot to buy myself one. The ones I've tried were sent to me for review purposes and I loved them all but realizing now that I've kinda fell off the wagon far too many times. Maybe I blame life for that :P

Enter Jessie J x Make Up For Ever palette, a palette I got during the launch of the MUFE Artist Face Colors some weeks ago. It was limited edition and it had 1 highlighter, a blusher and contour. It was perfect and I didn't have to swatch it on to know that it worked well with my skintone. I had a very strong gut feel on this one.

This is how I decided to use it: swirled my brush on the peach blush on the right most of the palette, tapped it a bit on my apples of cheeks. I then added a bit of depth to my cheek with the middle contour one and highlighted my cheeks with the left most one. 

Overall: Amazing color payoff, not chunky on the cheeks at all, powder is finely milled and lasts up to about 4 hours. Not bad at all!

It's so awesome, right? Time to grab your own! xx