Today in Inspired Entertainment: Abstract, Riverdale & Netflix

For the longest time, I haven't owned an TV. Anybody who's been to my old studio knows this, and in lieu of a TV, I have a wall of bookshelves. I'm the type to watch online way before streaming has become normative in the country. It's much more efficient in storage and no need to waste time downloading. I love online TV!

In this week's entertainment, I've started off with this Leo Babauta video on bad habits. Leo Babauta is the author of Zen Habits, funnily enough he used to be a smoker and didn't exercise much.

Another new favorite lately is a friend's recommendation, called Abstract. It's a documentary on some of the world's notable designers, starting off with Christoph Niemann, an illustrator for The New Yorker.

Of course, some more stuff to help one get through the week inspired and ambitious and driven. I love Simon Sinek!

The new UDD song just dropped -- are you updated?

Heh. Of course, somewhere in there, I'll be watching something so Gossip Girl-ish.

What are you watching lately?