Things I Love: Nesting

My Things I Love posts are becoming rarer and rarer these days. It's been a busy January, can't believe 1/12th of the month is over. I think for the most part, I really liked January. IN FACT, I do love the whole of January. It was the fresh start I'd been craving for. You see, I transitioned to a new role at work, which scared and baffled me in the beginning. Much to my surprise, I am adjusting well, and finding that I love it. I realize that dealing more with numbers means not having to wait for inspiration to kick in, because after all, numbers don't have feelings. Data is always straightforward, there is no need to sugarcoat anything. And I'm just so glad that's how it works.

At the Home front, my new customized dresser made by The Cubbyhole, furnished with hardware from Century Hardware Michigan is finally here and installed, too. It's my favorite space in the world right now, as my vanity and work space in one. Of course, I wasted no time decorating this with an acrylic tray from Aranaz to hold my skincare and a rose gold brush holder from The Gorgeous Mess.

Home living and building it has been sitting well with me nicely as of late. I've been hanging out at the kitchen to cook {Mike does the steaks, me for quinoa} and lately, I've learned baking cupcakes, too! My first few ones were shitty looking LOL but did taste amazing, according to me and Mike who was my ultimate fan in these cooking adventures.

YouTube Entertainment: My favorite channels

I used to watch a ton of film and philosophy analyses on YouTube and have always treated those as "learning" time but now, I've discovered YouTube videos of home hacks {so Tita, I know}. Also, we need a new word for Tita. It doesn't fit Blake Lively at all and she's the ultimate Millennial Tita of all like Lauren Conrad. 

So maybe don't get too surprised, this is just the kind of entertainment I'd like to be doing and who knows, right? :)

Happy Thursday!