Tara Reviews: Jordana Sweet Cream Matte in Creme Brulee

When I was invited to the Beauty Backstage Event hosted by Bhagis International and the Project Vanity Team, I had zero expectation on what brands I'd possibly be interacting with. When I arrived, I happily got into it, discovered drugstore brands I'd never know since I'm rarely out perusing beauty shelves of late.

Give your lips some sugar, sweetie! Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color starts off as a liquid and melts into a velvety matte finish. Indulge in a light, creamy-whipped feel and dessert-rich shades like Cherry Cobbler and Red Velvet Cake. Infused with a drop of vitamin A—Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color keeps lips comfortable and never dry. Each tempting shade stays fresh on your lips for up to 16 hours. You just got one step closer to yum!

Jordana's Sweet Cream Matte Lip in Creme Brulee, PHP 499, is a pretty light peachy pink shade that's just surprisingly right for the Filipina skintone. It didn't come as a surprise that it worked well with me, since when I came to the Jordana booth, it was the last tube of Creme Brulee! 

What I Love About It:

  • OMG, it smells sweet! Like literal sweet cream! There's a certain joy that comes from using it because of that.

  • Made in USA -- surprisingly, I don't see a lot of USA makeup anymore, as most are sourced from China, Taiwan or Japan lately. Nothing bad about that.

  • It does dry off to a velvety finish, as promised so since it's matte, I use my In Her Element balm prior to application.

  • Amazing coverage - I've been using this every day for the last three weeks and I'm not yet sawa at all.

  • Lasts long -- well into even after lunch!

  • Locally available at Watsons.

Overall: Maybe it's just me but the name Jordana is a bit of a hurdle to me before trying -- it's a little like 1990s sounding so I'd not have tried this all on my own. I'm glad I went beyond it and tried it and it helps to convince my stubborn head that there's more to makeup than their names.