The Scent of the Weekend: Zen Zest Home

I cannot tell you how important for me that the home I'm living in is a) clean -- by my standards and b) smells clean and homey. 

At Casa Champagnedreams, it's not populated by just the fairer sex -- life is also now about living with a boy. And when there's a boy (and a puppy), it's not always default smells like flowers and jellybeans. It can be the smell of steak poivre wafting from the kitchen, too, or Butters' puppy smell. Or the smell of workout -- both good and bad. 

One fun, fine afternoon, Live an Inspired Life was invited to sample some of the newest fragrances from a home grown brand, Zen Zest Home. Sharing with you some of my favorites.

Styled by: Beam Mariano

Grapefruit: This is my favorite scent among the ZZ home lineup because it just gives me a burst of energy when I smell it. On top of that, grapefruit is my favorite scent forever -- even in my blotting sheets. 

Iris Peony & Freesia Blossom: Zen Zest Founder Michelle Fontelera and I chatted a bit about this particular scent and how much it reminded her of those scented stationeries when we were kids. It's true -- and I experimented spraying this on our couch throw and cabinet and now, I look forward to smelling our cabinet whenever I get clothes in the morning.

Green Tea & Verbena: Neutral fresh and perfect for household with both men and women!

Forest Bamboo: This has been a classic and a staple at our home -- both Mike and me loves this for those days when you can't be distracted by scent but still want to smell something clean and relaxing.

Citronella: Perfect for moms with kids because this doubles as a mosquito repellant. Lovely, citrusy scent, too!

Overall: I'm quite happy with my scents at home right now {loving the Rose one} and I love, love that I look forward coming home even more now because of that. I'm still in the process of renovating and cleaning so that's a little more comforting to know we can always have Zen Zest to alleviate our moods at home.

Zen Zest Home is available at shops nationwide and online, their bottles of oils go for PHP 300/each and a scent diffuser is PHP 1,500.