Things I Love Fridays: A Very Chill Life

I've been away from my real life the past week and I'm just really relaxed and chill right now. I'm so chill, it seems all the issues of life in Manila seems so distant and faraway. Well, it is. Like 7,500 miles away to be exact. My family and I are staying at this lakehouse in the East Coast and so far, all I do is figure out what to eat, go boating, fishing, play with my nephew and nap. I also watched Game of Thrones S7E1 here so that has been amazing. I've been battling jet lag a lot, too so that's part of it all.

I love Manila for the most part but I definitely don't miss how small it feels. I don't miss the traffic, the issues and the noise. I miss Butters though {and his dad of course!} wherein you can see the puppy's updates here. Other than that, I'm completely chill and I'm not thinking of what awaits for me at home.