Things I Love Sundays: What Really Matters

I'm sipping red curry soup as I'm typing this in the outdoor area of Dean & Deluca. I'm hanging out with Butters and having orange juice while Mike catches up with his pals. We just came from celebrating my best friend's daughter's birthday and life is all good and well. Do you ever sometimes pause to think, "What's the meaning of life again?" I do. In fact, I think I thought about that a lot today and the last few days. I sometimes wonder how much F*** I give to the seemingly inconspicuous, immaterial things that come about in the everyday 

I practiced yin yoga today. How awesome had it been to be free and restful. When I realized everything I got to enjoy this weekend, I just sat in quiet gratitude. I also realized how much happier people seem on social media during weekends. Maybe people become better people when they get to do what they want. Since when was it normal to not want what they do? Hmm.

As for me, I'm turning in, in a bit. I'm happy and thankful for this weekend, just so so glad I get to be where I am.

Wishing you love :)