Things I Love Sundays: Landslide

I'm trapped in that little bubble of a girl listening to Dagny's cover of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. I'm just there this weekend, caught in a stupor, thoughts running and changing every minute, dipping into calm, sometimes in panic, sometimes in melancholy. 


What are you watching lately? I feel like I'm in a big black TV hole cos I'm just wafting through different things and not really watching something from the same series every week, save for Younger and The Bold Type, which are two of my most favorite shows in a long time. Am I the only one who wishes for female-driven shows still? 

The Bold Type. This show features women working at Scarlet Magazine and is produced by Joana Coles of Hearst Magazine. It's the penultimate older millennial dream: work in publishing, required to be in fabulous clothes, go home to an apartment in New York City, have sex with hot men {or a hot boyfriend} but also be very woke like completely aware and respectful of LGBTQ rights, social media savviness and a really cool soundtrack. I discovered this show in one of the bazillion female only groups I belong to on Facebook.

Younger is all about a woman in her forties who pretends she's 26 cos she went through a divorce and couldn't get a job in publishing. Basta, this one is so cute! 

Can't wait for both shows to be back on TV soonest!