Things I Love Sundays: Low Maintenance Friendships

When I was much younger, I remember thinking: What will happen to me when all my friends were busy with their lives, families, kids, kids’ school and I’d be left wanting for more friendship time? It must’ve been all of those Sex and the City episodes I consumed as a young, impressionable single woman which made me believe I was gonna be single forever, thus afraid of being alone.


But guess what: After ten years, life has changed to this: we’re bombarded with a thousand messages in a day, ex-extroverts are craving to become introverts and we need me time more than ever. Our lives are peppered with responsibilities, businesses, Netflix shows to watch. We’re alone and not alone more than ever and before we know it, it’s been so long since we’ve seen friends. But the best friendships are the ones that survive long bouts of silence, or busyness and yet, the warmth and the love is alive and well.