Happy Skin Launches Disney Princesses Collab

It’s time to be princesses again.

I’m probably one of the few women who have kind of shunned being princesses. For a while, princesses meant ball gowns and being in a tower, sleeping, needing to be rescued. TBH, if I think about Belle of Beauty & the Beast, she was the original feisty one. Oh well.

In a particular scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the Disney princesses made an appearance in their off duty roles, jammies and hair down. It’s the first time they all appeared together. SO AWESOME!

Disney Princesses

In more ways than one, the collection is somewhat Disney’s way of getting in with the time — that today’s children and women, especially, are not expected to wait for a prince charming to rescue them. Each princess is also shown with imperfect, goofy smiles — a reminder that you know, it’s ok to not take ourselves seriously all the time. I mean look at these lip clicks’ photos. I love it! Each lip click is PHP 649.

Happy Skin once again continues their innovation story with the two multi purpose mousses called Nap Queen and BFF! That BFF champagne glow is just dreamy, though!

Besting their previous eyebrow products is an eyebrow trio that now includes an eyeshadow <3 Two shades come in the most wearable gloss stick too, in Jasmine and Under the Sea cooling gloss!

Happy Skin did not forget their legendary nail polish formula as well with dainty shades <3 Enchanted Mirror, Glass Slipper and Sweet Slumber. Each bottle is PHP 349.

What an awesome time to be alive that traditional roles are being refined to mirror the signs of times. Thank you Happy Skin and Disney!

Get the full collection here.