My everyday beauty rituals

I've been meaning to write about my everyday rituals for the longest time (not really long, since I just started the blog).. I just thought I'd share my rituals and pick up pointers from others. Well, here goes (applies to work days since I don't put anything or do anything tedious on weekdays):

After I take a bath, I put on Olay TE and wait 10 mins for it to sink in. I then apply Neitrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF 55. I can NEVER, ever get out of the house without SPF. I am forever scared of aging UNGRACEFULLY.

1. After both SPF and Olay get absorbed by my skin, I put on cream foundation and then my powder foundation, or MMU.

2. I highlight my brows and tweeze any stray hair in sight.

3. I apply e/s (if I feel like it)..

4. Liquid eyeliner, curl my lashes, then mascara.

5. I smooth on blush on, contour my chubby cheeks.

6. Lipbalm. Lipstick and lipgloss =)

7. Brush some mineral veil/setting powder.

8. I do my hair, put on some mousse and I'm all set.

What about you? What's your beauty ritual?