Saturday haulage.

Bugged BF to drive me to ATC. At first, he gave we the no-no's and pleaded for me to just stay in. When I wouldn't budge, he asked if I could drive instead but he would still come. When still, I didn't budge, he willfully took a shower and off we went to ATC.

I just don't know what is up with me. It must have been because it's the whole city's payday except mine (I get paid once a month, on a non-traditional pay date nonetheless), so I never get to take advantage of sales. *sob*

Anyhoo, here are the stuff Ive bought from Rustan's, Beauty bar and PCX. Oh, and Mercury Drug, too. =)

(L-R) Fasio Point Make up Remover, Pink pouch bag, freebie from Fasio, Tenderly Hand Sanitizer, Power Stay 3D Air Tech Mascara in Black, also Fasio. VOV Eyeshadows, forgot the shade names or I think they dont have, just numbers. G-lish Gelato Eyescream in I forgot what shade. Caronia Quick Dry. Prestige Shadow Contour and Prestige Crease Brushes. Fasio Lipstick in Red Sparkle.

Not in picture: Cosmopolitan, May 2008. Glycerin (for foiling!) and Eye Mo mositurizers for my eyes =)

What about you? What did you buy this payday?