Happy Birthday, Chronicles of Vanity!

Eek, I totally forgot that today is my blog's anniversary! Coincidentally, this is also my 101st post, making the past year a memorable 100 posts of my life. A lot were about myself [thus the vanity] and some were about my other passions in life :P 

Now that I'm thinking about it, I didn't even prepare anything for it, not even a mini-contest :( I've been incredibly busy with work, I am even working now, just a little break. In fact, I'm delaying my date with the BF because I got sudden deadlines. 

Anyhoo, I might probably come up with something the next few weeks so let's all hope for the best, heehee.

To the girls whom I've developed an online friendship with [you know who you are], thanks so much for supporting me, commenting on my posts and inspiring me. Hope to see you all soon and I really hope I'd get to have more friends through this blog.