Style Love: Amour Manila

I love dressing up. More than any vain thing I can do, dressing up is probably the only thing I would do even if I was penniless. (:

In an effort to play out my fashion/style fantasies, I do think (and prepare) an outfit every night for the morning after. If I hadn't had time to prepare anything and ended up wearing something "safe," I feel weird all day. Heehee.

When it comes to brands, I am no brand-snob. In fact, I even like shopping for fab BUT inexpensive clothing, that's why I regularly troop to SM and Landmark. IMO, those are the best places to go to to stock up on items that are "in" at the moment because trendy itemsare usually worn for a couple months only.

When I'm partying, or going out with friends, I rely on Filipino brands. Not only are they local, these new designers are overflowing with creativity and style in fashion --- my favorite being Amour Manila by Cheena Ng - Lio.

The name AMOUR carries its own definition

AMOUR gives you the feeling that a surreptitious affair offers.

Amour allows you to be wild but wraps you with modishness
that restricts you from going beyond what is refined and superior.
As soon as you see beauty in the freedom that private moments give you,
In secrecy, you give everything away,
but we leave you with nothing
but PURE sense of FEMININITY…
PURE sense of PRIDE.

Amour is seen through its designs.
Foolishness in secrecy.
You crave it.
You breathe it.
You live through it.
See life within its timeless sheets, fabrics, cuts and flow.


^ Lifted from the Amour website.

Amour announces its Summer collection, aptly entitled "The Untold Secret of Summer." Here are some parts of the collection.

Single Lady (Limited Edition)

Timeless Chic

Candy Twist

Candy Pop

Aqua Ice

Rosy Blush
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