Things I Love ... Friday!

Inspired by the original TILT series, Things I love were usually written on Thursdays. It's basically a laundry list of the things that inspired the writer, and in this blog, that would be me, made me happy or what I'm thankful for. In this times when I'm having a lot of questions, doubts, and worries, I turn to happy thoughts to save the day. Hopefully, the next time I do this, it would be on a Thursday in any part of the world, at least.

Being decisive once and for all. A local version of Rusell at work. Playing with kids. Dear Ate Abby. Coffee sessions with a long lost friend. Twick or Tweeeeetttt! Long YM chats with my mother. Two kinds of coffee in one sitting. Chats with my brother about Cafe World. Little Bit by Drake and Lykke Li. Getting free movie tickets and then giving them away. Faith. Peppermint Tea and Honey [Sab! *waves*]. The latest One Tree Hill episode, who knew THAT was gonna happen on the Scott Free show? Writing for work at a garden, while smoking and having coffee. Vintage plaid skirts + purple turtleneck = hot librarian fashion FTW. A new blog URL I'm replacing this one with as soon as I fix the kinks.

What about you, what are you loving randomly?