On the Bedside Table: Alfie by Bill Naughton

One of the best things I love seeing inside a box my mother send me every now and then is something she knows I'll love: a book. Aside of course, make up, seeing a lovely book tucked inside a large mountain of Andes mint chocolate sends me into a whirlwind of excitement. I remember smiling all day when I received my copy of Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine, Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen, Sophie's World by Jostein Gaarder (among many other books and about a bajillion issues of W Magazine) and this recently, Alfie by Bill Naughton.

I've watched the movie version back in 2004, during a date and I ended up crying so much, my mascara was smudged when I went out of the moviehouse. Alfie was the story of an "everyman," a womanizer who's front was convincing everyone that he was a happy guy, always at the winning end of every deal who was sad in reality. And as the book blurb says:

"I ve got this dark little lump of cold grief or something over my heart. It could, of course, be wind." And thats Alfie really. Never one to take himself, or anything else for that matter, too seriously. He'll never say no to a woman and he'll even let them stay the night, as long as they cook breakfast of course and as long as they never, ever, ask when he'll be back. But these things are never that simple, even if Alfie likes to pretend they are. There's meek little Annie, who's almost got him "poncified"; Ruby, a bit old but in fabulous condition and then the less said about Lily the better. But Alfie doesn't do complicated. He loves, he leaves and when he occasionally wrestles with his conscience, he always wins. Well, almost always. . . With sales of over a million copies since its first publication in 1966, Alfie is a controversial modern classic. The inspiration for the cult film starring Michael Caine and the smash-hit remake with Jude Law as the eponymous anti-hero, Alfie feels as fresh and relevant today as when it was first published.
Alfie was one of the few movies that showed me men's ruthlessness. I distinctly remember loving the Sienna Miller bit, it seemed like they were in love. They were the picture of a glamorous couple --- but Alfie could never really be serious about anything, or anyone.

 I have an Alfie in my life. Do you?

One of my girl crushes, Sienna Miller as the crazy, fun-loving Nikki

Ahh. I can't wait to start reading the book! I normally read books first before seeing the movies but I never knew there was a book and an original movie starring Michael Caine. Alfie reminds me so much of my other favorite fictional character, Barney Stinson!

I hope you're all doing well this week.
I've been in a daze and my head's buried in work but so far, I'm surviving!
TGIF, ladies!

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