Things I Love Saturdays

Lounging in bed at 4:22 PM, surfing the net to my heart's content.
Playing Angry Birds on my iPhone, drinking blueberry tea and falling into a nap.

Eternally cute web finds. [Tell me you didn't die of cuteness!]
Girlfriends who are super sweet, they cut off magazine layouts
to give to you because they think the outfit is SO YOU. :)
Thanks, T!

Adam Lambert's What Do You Want From Me?
Just because he doesn't sound gay here :) 
Speaking of which, Happy Gay Pride Day!

Japan Fans at the World Cup

Dr. Sheldon Cooper's Friendship Algorithm

And speaking of World Cup, I die:

Spain's Iker Casillas, FTW.

Friday Night Lights

Even more napping. Even more playing and more app-downloading.
Watching and catching up with Glee {I seriously need to watch more series!}
I teared up on the season finale :|

This luxurious weather we have in Manila right now, all day.
Commuting from the city's end to end just to see the BFF and her new bar.

Zync's Menu: My favorite drink so far is the Boston Sidecar.

And OOTD from last Monday:
Dress: Promod
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bag: Bijoux Terner

What do you love this Saturday?
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Bear hugs and bunny kisses,