Odorless and Ammonia-less Hair Coloring?

I've colored my hair for the most part of my adult life ---- an activity I keenly started the day I graduated from university because, unlike most cool schools, my school doesn't believe in beautiful, colored mane. True story.

And so, month after month (rather 3-4 months) since, I troop over to favorite salons, some even back in my hometown of Las Pinas, some near my workplace in Makati, and some where I currently live in Quezon City, so that I never have to go back to black (hair, that is.)

My biggest peeves when it comes to coloring my hair is definitely A) the hassle of doing it every now and then (it has certainly become a chore, ack! B) I have to schedule treatments in between this and getting my hair permed [the perils of being too high maintenance] and C) the darn smell. I try to succumb into the milder versions of coloring hair but alas! My hair still smells like an ammonia factory even a day or two after!

 How I look like after my normal coloring session

I was having Bo's Green Tea Freeze at Glorietta 5 with Frances, Shen and Nikki, when they got up to stand and invited me to come with them to the L'oreal INOA Launch happening next door at ICON at the Hotel Intercontinental. Nikki said it was for a L'oreal hair product and so I immediately obliged. After all, this girl is a fan of their products!

 The night's host was the lovely (and super stunning!) Bianca Valerio.
Dress and shoe lemming alert!

Robbie Lizares, L'oreal Professionel's Senior Product Manager
explains what's new with INOA [Innovation No Ammonia]

Robbie says, "The secret (not-so-secret now) behind INOA is its Oil Delivery System [ODS], which is based in an oil-rich system that boosts the action of the hair color system, unlike the classic, oxidative hair color," we have all grown to hate. In this case, does it mean there will be no more stingy eyes, stingy nose and burnt skin? Hell yeah!

L'oreal INOA says:

With the ODS and a no Ammonia formula, INOA’s benefits are unparalleled. They are:

Indulge in an unprecedented hair color experience for the senses
  • No more odor. No ammonia.
  • Optimal scalp comfort
  • Rapid self-emulsifying mixing
  • Incredible velvety texture; A REAL HAIR CREAM
  • A better-preserved hair fiber, application after application
  • Hair is as smooth as before the hair color
  • 44 predictable shades: true neutralizing cool shades, vibrant and luminous warm shades
  • Lightens up to 3 levels
  • Exceptionally even color from roots to ends
  • Sublime shine
Luc Marquet, L'oreal Philippines President says this product is safe 
even for preggy women (Maybe we should go together, F? :)
Oh and he reminds me so much of my friend O. 

And can you see the model's hair color (on the backdrop?)
THAT will be my next hair color.

Salon experts rally and proudly pledge their allegiance to the power of INOA

And of course, beauty bloggers do, too! Thanks for the photos, Nikki!
[Not in photo: Me, Shen and Frances]

Sheesh, with all these exciting things coming from L'oreal Professionel, I would have to stave off being lazy for a few hours and get my hair colored with that lovely, lovely shade of red. And when I do, I will definitely post my photos here. Stay tuned!

L'oreal INOA is initially available in select salons in the metro, such as Regine's Salon, Emphasis Salon and where I'm getting mine, Straight and Smooth Salon in Amorsolo. Get yours now!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

*Photo credits: Nikki Tiu
Product info: L'oreal Professionnel