We Broke Up.

It was a five-year relationship.

We were with each other, during my triumphs, my saddest, most frustrating moments.
He was there when I needed a break from monotony.

He was there when I needed a conversation starter or an ice breaker.
He made me go out there and start making friends.

He was there to entertain me when I'm tired and exhausted beyond words
from work.

But soon I realized that he was no good for me (as I have known in the beginning of
our relationship).

And that I can actually live without him.

Many times, I noticed time passes by and no second is wasted missing him.

It's a mystery how one just falls out of love, really.
But I'm glad I did.

I will always remember you, but like I did with all my exes,
I will not look back. Not now.

Goodbye, my Marlboro Lights

This is not a poem, just random sentences of how I felt when I was quitting my
nasty habit of smoking --- a five year old affair with nicotine.

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