When Carrie dropped the word 'sparkle' to Mr. Big, John James Preston in the movie Sex and the City 2, I wasn't thinking of sparkle, as in sparkle in a relationship. Always the first thought for the word --- jewelry.

I love jewelry. I must have gotten it from my mother (who else?). There is nothing more fulfilling than adorning yourself with jewelry (either you bought for yourself or from your man) and *sparkle.*

But my third world salary cannot buy a Tiffany or a Cartier anytime soon, and really, I'm happy with anything that piles on the sparkle and doesn't tarnish.

Thank heavens for Filipino-owned stores such as Cryst Jewelries who make sparkly things available to us Pinays who want to adorn ourselves without breaking the bank.

"Cryst Jewelries' mission is not only to offer exquisite jewelry, but to also offer the experience of glamour and elegance. I also believe that each woman have the right to wear a jewelry that is truly unique and which she won't find anyone else wearing, and that is why all the pieces in my collection are meticulously handcrafted, exclusive and one-of-a-kind." -- Crystalyn Yason (Owner & Designer, Cryst Jewelries)

Cryst Jewelries is available through its website:

Happy Monday!

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