Chronicles of The Beatles Mix Tape

Here's a little trivia about me: I get mighty creative through the help of the Beatles. Like, seriously.

I remember the time that I was un-amazingly stumped with the legendary writers' block. It wasn't like I was tasked to write a 5,000-page essay. My assignment at that time was to write 12 captions for a personal planner for work, its theme anchored on green lifestyles. I thought to myself, "If I've been able to come up with 52 tips for a greener lifestyle, I should be able to come up with 12 measly captions."

No dice. It was already a day before printing is set to begin and I still had no captions.

When I got home, I lit a cigarette, sat on my terrace, plugged my earphones, put my iPod to Shuffle and pondered on the meaning of life. I cruised from song through another and then the jangle of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds flowed through my ears, and through my soul, and through my mind.

And then I started writing, thumbing through my cellphone for the captions because I did not dare get up for fear inspiration would trickle out of me and onto the floor. I felt like a madwoman, being truly reckless with the grammar and composition and just writing. Just writing.

"This is one of your best works, Tara," my boss said when I handed him a sheet of typed paper, with my captions.

And in that little moment of triumph, I breathed a sigh of gratitude to John Lennon, his son Julian's classmate, Lucy.

And so, in yet another day where the Beatles saved my ass, I present to you my top nine Beatles songs, in random order, if only to show how much I am in love with this group, to revere John Lennon's genius for songwriting {he may well be a prick for saying they'll be more famous than Jesus but he's a songwriting whiz}.

Norwegian Wood
This song brings me back to my teenager days, like OMG.

Half the words I say is meaningless...


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


Across the Universe

Here, There and Everywhere

John Lennon's Oh My Love
{This is going to be my wedding march, if I ever do get married.}

Who wouldn't fall in love with this song? *heart heart heart*
Jim Sturgess sang this on the Across the Universe movie and my heart just swooned its deepest.

Cried buckets to this song as the movie I am Sam slid to a warm, wrenchingly steady end.

I seriously considered changing my name to Michelle if only for this song. Since I first heard it
{sometime when I was in grade school}, I've always thought all the girls named Michelle
are damn lucky to have words that can't say how the singer feels.

What's your favorite Beatles song? You gotta have at least three!
Have a fantastic Wednesday, y'all!