Chronicles of a Cosmo Bachelor Bash Fan Girl

While waiting for the show to start.

I have lost the following since the men of Cosmopolitan, only my favorite local magazine since 1997, strutted the runways of World Trade Center:
  • My poise and my voice. I was screaming like no one would believe.
  • Finesse. I promised I wouldn't admit this ever in blog-dom but Oh. My. God. We had almost front-row seats {albeit near the end of the runway} and there was no need to stand up but I was standing, jumping, dancing to jungle music and mentally taking notes {what my notes were, aren't really shareable HAHA}. The energy at last night's event was purely estrogen jumping up and down.
  • The ability to form coherent sentences. See, I had to make lists to share my thoughts because since last night, my sentence-forming abilities went down the drains as soon as I saw abs and other things.
Much as a Cosmo chick I think I am, I have never really attended a Cosmo Bachelor's Bash until last night {with my ever fun partner, Shen, thank you again for bringing me!}. I always see the booklet that comes with every Cosmo September issue and while I do look at the men, I almost always discard it because it has never been my thing, looking at photos of half-naked men in weird settings {I'd rather look at men in suits' photos}. I really thought it wouldn't make a difference in real life. Boy, was I wrong.

Clothed Boys men strut down the runway during the Guess fashion show

As soon as I arrived at the WTC in Pasay City, I saw the long line outside and thought, "Wow, people really do go at these things!" {Okay, I really had no idea.} The lines were effin' crazy and there were scalpers selling event tickets for I don't know how much. If I'm not mistaken, tickets to the CBB aren't for sale, and yet ...


The event was hosted by one of the long-time Cosmo chicks ever, Joey Mead, strutting the runway in her thigh high boots and hot pink animal print dress. I don't have decent photos, just half-decent ones. When you're in the presence of hulking, charming, dangerously hot men, it's almost impossible to focus and look through a viewfinder {I only had my iPhone, though} when you can look at them with your bare eyes. Thank goodness for's super quick updates, I swiped some photos from their site so I can share my favorites.

I can't think of any other celebrity who'd be perfect
as host to last night's event other than Joey Mead.

And then them men started pouring out into the runway in little thong thingies.
First thought: Oh it is so fun objectifying men. For a change.

And then came this cage with men in it. PRIMAL!

And then I was transported to my high school self who had a crush on
Baron Geisler. He is still hot after all these years.

Thank you, Cosmo!

I don't care about the lack of six-pack abs. Hrhr.
Baron was my favorite from all the men who paraded

the runway of CBB last night :D

Even looking at his back made me scream like a teenager.

Speaking of favorites, here are my other sexy mentionables, again courtesy of

Ian Batherson, pre-shirt ripping.

Callalily's Kean Cipriano looks like ... I did say this blog is PG, right? :)

Nico Ibaviosa. This is for you, Jheng.

Never thought I'd say this EVER but Christian Bautista looks
mighty hot.

Geez, Luis. {Alandy}

I've no idea who this guy is but I love his devil-may-care
expression and the tattoos!

Heehee. I let out a huge guffaw at the sight of men
in nude briefs. Objectification at its finest.

And of course, King of the Jungle, Sam Milby,
looking mighty ripped and all.

Bye, boys!

I can't believe how my views on watching men's fashion shows like this have gone a complete turnaround. I used to be truly anti men-ogling. Buying Cosmo was never about the centerfolds because I have not been a fan of the male body more than I am with the female. Not that it has become my most favorite activity ever --- I just realized a lot of things whilst watching the CBB, some of them are:
  • I felt like Carrie Bradshaw when they were watching the New York Firefighters' Department fashion show in was it Queens or Brooklyn? I felt like it was perfectly legal to ogle men and hoot and scream. Ah, the feeling is priceless!
  • This must be how men feel when they "appreciate" women's bodies. Wala naman palang masama :D
  • I am not alone. Everywhere I looked inside World Trade Center is a girl screaming her head off, or a becky shooting the men with water from huge water guns and holding out score cards.
  • Hindi pala ako choosy. Magegets mo 'to, Shen. :D
  • With all these men in sight, my guess is that there is no straight female photographer commissioned to take photos. It'll be so hard to concentrate when you're within the perimeter of six pack abs.
  • I'm capable of stripping off my kaartehan and just let go. Truly, there is nothing more liberating than doing girly activities with your fun and fab girlfriends {Shen, in this case} and being carefree and living the moment. The night of CBB reminded me of that.
  • I want to be a cougar when I grow up.
  • My other thoughts are too scandalous to write about here.
  • I love Cosmo foreverrrrrr. Which reminds me, don't forget to buy the September 2010 ish. Chock-full of really good articles {as always}, my particular favorite being the one entitled Man Eater: The Case of the Intimidating Woman. Oh, a booklet of 69 hot bachelors is included in this ish:

Isn't it obvious I enjoyed it too much? As early as now, I'm already looking forward to next year's Cosmo Bachelor Bash!

Oh! And we met Mia of Ang Kikay ni Mia!

Mia's friend, Shen, Mia and Me!
Photo Credit: Mia

*Special thanks to my partner, Shen and
All photos (except the blurry ones) are from