Open Your Eyes To Me

The Madonna superfan in me just had to meld the lyrics into the post. :P

Is it just me or is having Oriental eyes such a pain sometimes? 

Back in the day when I thought that eyelids can only be made up in single colors, I have usually stuck with the darker colors in the belief that I could create the illusion of bigger eyes. Of course, back in those days, there were no beauty blogs, no Youtube gurus and no books that taught us little girls with little eyes that make up was a lot like drawing {or Adobe Photoshop, in my case}. So I always ended up looking like a little Chinese raccoon because I had so wanted to look like those Japanese dolls with the biggest eyes EVAR. True story.

When I finally discovered the awesomeness that the beauty blogs are, I finally understood how to make my eyes seem bigger, though these days, it doesn't remain to be my goal. More importantly, through my makeup/kaartehan blogging, I learned to accept what I have and to just play it up rather than attempt to hide it under a ton of gray and coal eyeshadow.

When I received gifts from our friends from L'oreal, though, all these memories came rushing back and immediately, I had to play with the lovely colors in the Plum Harmony palette of the Open Eyes Pro line.

The small mirror is a nice touch, IMO.

Here's a bit of swatching I did:

It's kinda weird the darkest shade is more brown than plum :{
And the lightest shade seems too glittery, too.

But I think it does its job of opening the eyes so I'm all good.

Skincare: Obagi Condition and Enhance Toner
Obagi Condition and Enhance Sunblock

Face: L'oreal True Match Concealer in Light Medium
L'oreal True Match Powder in Sand Beige
Revlon Photoready Translucent Finisher

Eyes: L'oreal Open Eyes Pro Palette in Plum Harmony
Eyeliner: MAC Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick
Maybelline Cat Eyes Mascara

Lipstick: The Body Shop Colourglide #07

What about you, what's your eye makeup frustrations?