Fierce is as Fierce as It Can Get

When I first learned that we were to do a team photo shoot, I had gotten down to the logistics first thing and until the last minute, before actually thinking of my own peg, for my own shot. What can I say, I love fussing over photo shoot details: gathering pegs, doing pre prod meetings, booking makeup artists, photographers and hair stylists, getting stylists, buying clothes and props and all those things.

So come shooting day, I had no solid concept of what I want for my own photo. After all, I was going to be handled by absolutely talented makeup and hair artists and a big name in the photography industry, I figured I had nothing to fear.

Errr, but fear itself? {What a lame joke.}

When I sat on the makeup chair and Sophie asked me what look I wanted, I simply answered smoky. In my mind, I wanted to look different, strong somehow and images of Vanity Fair/Annie Leibovitz swirled in my head.

Perky girls at 9:00 AM. Yes, I'm awake!

Big-ass curls courtesy of Kim's amazing rollers and hair talent.

Almost like a contrabida. I love Sophie's MAC Russian Red on me!

I've worked with a couple of great names in the photography industry {sometimes as the subject, most of the time, not} but Raymund Isaac is hands down the most motivating, generous photographer I've ever
come across with.

Presenting, the products of being in the hands of Sophie Uy {and Nikki Tiu}, Kim Rodriguez and Raymund Isaac.

Dress: X by Vittorio Barba
Accessories: Nacara South Sea Pearls
Makeup: Sophia Uy
Hair: Kim Rodriguez
Photography: Raymund Isaac
Shot on location: House of Vanita
{Citibank Tower, thank you R. Litt!}

It's amazing how Raymund can make my tummy fat disappear.

I seriously scared myself with this photo, reminds me of one
Cinderella's stepsisters, which was the goal: I wanted to look fierce!

I think I got my wish. What do you think?