Missed Chances and Redemption

The proverbial bucket list-esque list I drafted a year ago was borne out of the stinking realization that while in my head, I thought I was rather gutsy and a doer in some respect, I had many things, experiences in mind that I wanted to do BUT always, always just saying that I'll do it and never did.

That and that I have so many chances in my life pass me by.

Case in point: Surfing.

14. Learn how to surf. In 2009, I went on a roadtrip with my friends from work to La Union, Vigan and Pagudpud and swam in the ripples of strong waves but never surfed. Never even tried. What kind of chicken courage is that?

As I had been browsing through old albums, I stumbled upon my close encounters with the waves and thought for what probably was the nth time since: Why the f did I not even try?

Missed chances tend to do just that to us ---- they make us realize they are indeed missed, when it's passed, when it's the subject of reminiscence, of nostalgia and when we're mentally kicking ourselves in the butt for not grabbing the opportunity when we could have. This instance happens to the best of us many times --- over sale items we should've bought, over a job we should've taken on, over a love we could've pursued --- and the list goes on.

Among many things I missed is the chance to ride the waves. In 2002, I have seen Kate Bosworth work the board {and that Michelle Rodriguez androgyny} that I first declared to myself I wanted to give surfing a try. Of course, every summer, I'd tell that to myself but as always {my mother would tell me}, Desire alone wouldn't {and in this case, didn't} do it. It's nine years since and my feet hasn't touched a surf board.

Blue Crush | 2002

And who could forget the hot surfer Cameron Diaz makes as a Charlie's Angel?

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

And the thing is, the opportunity presented itself! The roadtrip, although borne out of many reasons, boredom notwithstanding, was my chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of getting up right after a swell comes up and maybe look fabulous while doing it.

Photos taken by Remy.

And as you can see, none of that happened.

Blame it on the incessant drinking from the night prior, a result of the celebratory mood we all had as we finally reached San Juan, La Union, that I was not in the proper state of mind to will myself to strap myself onto a board and take lessons.

No, I am just making excuses.

I really was afraid of drowning {as y'all know, I'm so ~good~ at swimming}, was deathly repulsed by the idea that I might hit my head on something, be wiped out and look even stupider and hate it forever.

And then I thought, what if I actually was able to stand up and reach the shore without falling? What if I escape the chance of hitting my head and make it out alive? Isn't the triumph of trumping something not easy to do be enough to make me want to risk it? And I thought I was risque!

And so despite being strapped onto an IV and being drugged every eight hours, I managed to make surfing plans with a friend who's been surfing for quite a while now, to the country's surfing capital, nonetheless:

There are several other quality waves on Siargao and nearby islands, but Cloud 9 has received more publicity than any other, indeed in the Philippines as a whole. It is the only wave easily accessible without a boat, leading to overcrowding and the nickname of "Crowd 9" among surfers. Eager foreign and locally owned accommodation and tourist facilities have profited from the magazine publicity and the influx of visitors drawn by the annual Siargao Cup competition in September.

Siargao is well known as "The Surfing Capital of the Philippines" with a reputation among surfers within the Philippines and the International scene.

While booking the flights:

Friend: Do you want to go surfing in Siargao in October?
Tara: Hmmmm. Uy, pasok sa list ko! Go!
Friend: *books flights*
Tara: Ok, where the hell is Siargao?

 Of course I still do not know the island's coordinates on the map and knowing myself, I never really bother but hey, there goes a stab at redemption {a phrase I'm very fond of these days} and another item ticked off the list.

I wish it was that easy for other things, too.

Got missed chances you are trying to redeem yourself at?