Things I Love Sundays: Rollercoaster Week and Varekai

I miss boring days. In fact, I have hardly been bored this month which is both a good and bad thing. I like being occupied {who doesn't?} and I miss being bored {because boredom makes me listen to my own thoughts and my own voice in my head}. But this week has been pretty rollercoaster-esque especially the last two days of the work week because of the typhoon!

Despite the setbacks this typhoon caused, I am grateful to have been keeping a smile on my face all week. I may have a chaotic head right now because of all things I a) want and b) need to do but I am a happy girl despite of it all. Here I go again sharing with you what made me grateful this week because after all, if we just take a look at our lives, despite some bad things that may happen to us, the good stuff always outweigh the bad ones.

Pilates via

I started going to Pilates {among other classes} last week and this week, we tried another type of Pilates and holy @#%@^@%*(! Prior to trying this out, I just know Pilates as one of those classes people try to lose weight or to get fit. I didn't know it was THAT hard!

When we walked into the class, I should've taken it as a sign that it was going to be hardcore because of the muscular men and women warming up inside. Being someone who forgets to calculate and estimate things sometimes, I went ahead and got myself ready in a mat. The first few exercises were something I'd expected since they were about the same with my first class. However, as the class progressed, and about 15 minutes into the class, I was ready to succumb to shame and walk out.

But I didn't. Thankfully, I have gathered enough guts {and grit} to pursue what was exponentially physically-challenging than my normal activities. These were the likes of push ups but with legs raised, and other moves that threatened to be the end of my life as we know it. If I didn't finish it, I would never really know what else I am capable of.

Belly Dancing

Not as exhausting but just as challenging as any pilates class. Last Wednesday evening was my first belly dancing class and though I figured I had a bit of dance moves in me, limiting the movement to the hips and {I though I had it figured} looking sexy. During the exercises, I caught a glimpse of myself at the studio's mirrors and cringed how I looked a bit masculine-ish dancing, plus a bit bouncy. I realize I have to learn how to dance a bit more sensually gracefully. Ack. And for inspiration:

My Belly Dancing Goddess, Shakira

Refuge from the storm

I truly thought that one night of typhoon hell for Manila was going to be enough. However, it was 11 PM on Friday night and the skies weren't showing any signs of wanting to stop so in favor of braving the floods all over Manila, I checked into a nearby hotel. I am just thankful there was an available room!

 Some of the things that make me a girl scout

I love how they are so spot on every. Single. Time.

Hap Chan's Soya Milk <3 <3 <3 Had this and lobster ball noodles before
hitting the Grand Chapiteau for Varekai and it was just love.

The BFF and I outside the Grand Chapiteau.
Saturday was my Varekai day and as I was waiting outside
the big circus tent for our turn to enter for the 7:30 show,
my bestfriend came bounding out of the tent, from the 3:30 PM show! 

And of course, my Cirque du Soleil Varekai Experience which made me
clap so hard, cheer endlessly and feel like a kid all over again
in the presence of a circus.

Photos were not allowed inside {even if through cellies}, so here is
my souvenir photo from the booth of Sun Life Financial Philippines
who brought Varekai to Manila together with BDO and Manila Hotel.
I will be writing about my experience more extensively tomorrow. <3

What's making you smile today?