Day 3: A photo taken over 10 years ago of you

This is social suicide.

Taken in 1991.

I don't have as much photos from the past. Aside from the fact that there weren't digital cameras before, my photo albums are hidden where they they don't see the light of day. Most of them were kind of damaged, too, from weathering all the weather changes they have gone through, hence the photo quality.

This photo was my kindergarten graduation picture. I distinctly remember prying through my mother's makeup kit so I can put on a red lipstick {lagpas!} on just before the photographer snapped away. I distinctly remember it was a green tube of Clinique, which shade I have already forgotten. Why I wanted red lipstick on me, on my four year old self is beyond my twenty five year old version. All I can say for sure is that I was a fairly interesting and unusually makeup crazy little girl.

And I can definitely give this girl a high five if old and new selves meet.