Day 7: My worst habit

Well. It's the truth.


It happens more infrequently now, as I have some five years ago. Since I joined the workforce, my daily buddies have become nicotine and caffeine.  For some reason, the taste of coffee mixed with the intoxicating, often dizzying rush of tar and nicotine, gives me a surge of creativity and inspiration. They are my respite from stressful hours, from times I can't contain emotions, or for when I can't find the right words, only the whiff and cloud of smoke can I exhale the heaviness of my heart. Until of course, I have recently taken a vow to better health and I've been using my e-cig more.

But still, nothing has replaced my daily monstrous caffeine fix, strong coffee, half a teaspoon of sugar and double cream.

What's your worst habit?