A New York Roofdeck Party

... in Makati, of course.

It was refreshing to be out and about after what seemed a long time of avoiding social gatherings. As you know, I'm pretty tired of the Manila scene now and I still am. But being outside and under the sky had its charm. So despite the possible chance to hear EDM {I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan}, I went to Zuellig's roofdeck, decked in more Hamptons chic than roofdeck chic =P

I haven't been to New York but I've spent some vacations in North America and I know that they would always grab a chance to be outside, especially if it's spring. As we Googled about things one should wear at a rooftop party, we knew why some of them partygoers would be in bikinis: because it's too hot!This of course, is not something we can do in Manila, unless of course you're at a friend's house and even then, no one wears a bikini unless there's a pool.

And if you ever had a good skyline as New York, you'd have roofdeck parties all the time, too {Photo via: Refinery29}

Thankfully, there were no EDM, only The Diegos, who played cool music that didn't need alcohol to blur out and two artists who live-drew a mural of Kiehl's and New York on the side while the rest of us mingled about.

My friend and super fitspiration, Martha and me.

My intoxication of choice that night was this purple cocktail that had a flower in it. I think it might've been called Sunset Something.

How awesome is that porma of shorts and boots?

I snapped this while Kiehl's was calling out their new ambassadors: Ornussa Cadness, Saab Magalona, Francis Libiran {who I decided will make my wedding gown HA!} and Luke Landrigan.

One of my favorite people lately, along with Nikki, #IamAngela. At this point, we are now calling each other by our second names. =P

The mural <3

Below us, Makati buzzed in standstill traffic but we didn't care =P

The party gave us chance to reacquaint ourselves with Kiehl's bestsellers: Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, my favorite, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Powerful Line-Reducing Concentrate and Clearly Corrective Concentrate.

Unbeknownst to many, Kiehl's originally started as an apothecary in New York.

Are you a fan of Kiehl's, too? What's your favorite?