I *heart* you, Tony and Jackey.

If you cannot remember when your last haircut was, it's high time you get another one. Or alternately titled, In Which I Seal the Deal with Me and Being a Koreana.

Why I have been putting off getting a haircut is something that baffles me. It used to be that getting a trim every one and a half months was regular, even automatic to me. Getting perms and color every now and then has sort of ruined the cycle. I can only remember of getting a procedure done when I'm too averse with what I'm seeing.

Like I am now.

A colleague approached me one time and asked me, "Are you okay?

Hindi ako sanay na flat ang hair mo.

" Admittedly, I've been holding out on getting a haircut because I felt like I've been getting the same hairstyle for the past two years. I didn't want anything too radical, because short hair never went well with me.

I just wanted some spice is all. Plus, the idea of going to a Korean hairstylist, in my mind, is like going to Edward Scissorhands --- you never know what to expect.

Hello, boring BEFORE hair.


Face: Purederm BB Cream
shu uemura
 translucent loose powder
Revlon Matte Blush
Revlon Brow Fantasy

The Body Shop Kajal Liner {Black}
Guerlain Smokey Palette
Maybelline Cat Eye Mascara
Revlon Liquid Eye Pen
Revlon Lipstick in Ice something

I asked over at Facebook, and among people whose hairstyles I liked and I specified for it to be a Korean salon. I've received numerous suggestions but there was only one that stood out: Tony and Jackey.

I visited the one nearest to where I live and that's the Tomas Morato branch, located at CMMT Building, corner of Morato and Timog:

Bright, spacious and clean <3 I think I waited for less than 5 minutes {didn't even have an appointment, bad!}

Then I was called to have my hair shampooed.

All Shampooed Out.

I was asked which treatment {for my drier than Super Dry hair} I wanted and I  chose the Natubea Conc. Keratin TreatmentPhp 1,000 with haircut {there's a promo, I'm a lucky girl}.

I didn't realize my hair was this long and my face is round like a siopao.

Under the hair thingum .

And the best part of the Tony and Jackey experience of course, was my hair cut! {who'd have thought I'd be this ecstatic over a haircut, yeah?}

When I got out of Tony and Jackey, someone, and this is so weird, started speaking to me in Korean. Musta naman.

The Good:

  • I've tried Tony and Jackey on the basis of friends' recommendations. They must be really good.
  • My Korean hairstylist {a guy} spoke good English and asked specifically what I wanted to happen. Of course, I couldn't say, "Surprise me," so I asked for a trim and bangs. He even got out a Korean stylebook and we flipped through hairstyles which I'd like and would suit my round face.
  • He wasn't the least bit rude, as opposed to friends who have encountered not-so-happy Korean hairstylists, but were so good at doing their thing with the hair.
  • I kinda liked his hair though, it made me mentally count how many layers was in it and I think I stopped counting at 20.
  • He smelled good, too. That matters since our stylists hover really close to us when doing our hair. I like it how they put effort in good grooming {well, as expected but still}. All the Filipino staff were courteous and fun, too.
  • My stylist seemed to know his bangs. He cut my bangs in like five seconds. Galing.
  • Standard hair cut is Php 500. Not bad for a really good, well-raved salon.Their shampoo smells sooooo gooodddd, too.
  • No hard selling, too. I chose the less expensive treatment {Keratin} vs. DCS2 and no one sneered at me.
  • Which reminds me, the Keratin treatment {Php 500, standalone} is a good alternative to hot oil or hair treatments. My hair sprung back to life! 
  • Locations are real good. I've seen the Buendia branch plus this Morato branch is not hard to find, too.
  • Yay for wi fi, coffee, tea and Cosmo magazines! Erm, they play Korean songs though, which doesn't bother me though as I'm on my iPod all the time.
  • I saw {but did not take a photo of} the hair colors they were offering and I saw green, purple and fuchsia. Hmm, there's an idea.

The Bad:

  • The no credit card option, at least that day and that branch this could bother some clients.
  • No photo taking. I was only told of this after I was done. Still, I don't mind :P

Would I come back? Yes. Definitely.

Tony and Jackey Salons are located in the following branches:

  • Festival Mall, Alabang
  • Amoranto
  • Buendia, Makati {West Building}
  • Malate, Manila {Bellagio Square}
  • SM Fairview
  • SM Manila
  • SM San Lazaro
  • Tomas Morato
  • Market Market

What's your go-to salon? Oh and just sharing  my article on New Slang, because I'm shameless like that.