The First Weekend of 2012: Moalboal, Cebu

And just like that, the first two weeks of January are over. 

I haven't been blogging much and while normally, I'd feel some sort of warning that I haven't sat to type away thoughts, this time, reader {hello, Senya! Thank you!} had to point it out to me. I still feel like a different person: have been bland-er than ever, but still as busy and maybe even more and temperance {a goal I have wished to attain in the beginning of the year} doesn't feel like temperance now. It feels normal. This is of course, another story.

A Moment of Silence and Goal-setting

Sometime ago, somewhere, I read that Bill Gates sets off somewhere far, alone, to figure out what he needs and wants to do for the year. I had the same thing in mind with the trip, with the difference that I wasn't alone.

Before 2011 ended, I had randomly booked a trip to Cebu {also because one of my bestest and oldest friends, Chai, is in town and we needed to get away}. It was scheduled for the first weekend of the year. I had no plans in mind, no itinerary and no goals for the end of the trip. When I booked the trip, I wanted to get a fresh rush of blood to the veins, a new perspective, to let the waves of the shore wash away the past and return a brand new person.

The Trip in Pictures

The flight to Cebu via PAL, which was great, except for the high air traffic. :s

 I used to be not so much into boat rides until it changed my life.

I felt like I've been cooped up and sedentary, so the first thing I did {under the sun, too} was launch into the bow pose.

Bikini and surf shorts: Roxy

I never get tired of snorkeling, too.

My favorite sundress, from my mom <3

Club Serena's Pool

First order of the day: Brunch at Club Serena

Bikini: Soak Swimwear
Coverup: Details {also seen here}
Flip flops: Roxy
Beach bag: Roxy
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs

Tara's Beach EssentialsSunnies, a good book {was reading Samantha Sotto's Before Ever After the entire trip and it was an amazing read, I sobbed my eyes out on the plane ride back}, a camera, an iPod and a beach buddy.

Barefoot White Beach Resort's Honeymoon Suite, is where we stayed. {Thanks for the recommendation, Mac!}

I woke up to this and I felt things were just right where they are. It's perfect.

 Low tide!

Our ride for the trip coming from the city, rough road lang :D. Thank you, Ate Hani!

It ain't a trip to Cebu without feasting on Casa Verde's steaks, tenderloin tips and ribs <3

 One week to go before Sinulog, at least when we were at the city.

Viva Pit Senyor!

And of course, a trip to Cebu means seeing Cebu-based friends.

Here in this photo with



The calmness of waters, waking up to the sound of waves, a lot of introspection, in the comfort and company of people who love you, eating amazing food, no signal and lots of goal-setting, a plane ride --- I must say I have kicked off the year right.

Thank You for making this happen.

How was your first 2012 weekends?

*Photos by me and Chai