The Year of the Water Dragon

While I thoroughly enjoyed 2011, the year of the Rabbit {here's a bit of recap}, I seriously cannot wait for The Year of the Dragon. I have only heard from Chinese friends that it's going to be really lucky for us born in the year of Ox but searching for my own horoscope, as a Scorpio this time, and they seem so much better than last year's, which was mostly lukewarm predictions. I loved 2011 but I am so ready to move on {in fact, I just might have!}. I really, really think The Year of the Dragon and I are going to be working out well!

Scorpios are born from October 24th to November 21st. This year, spectacular changes would come in Scorpion’s way. You will be with great energy and with a positive mindset. To live up an enjoyable year, you will need to depend on your unbounded energy to fully taste the pleasures of life. You are a highly persuasive person who can easily captivate other people with your words and actions. You are also a very passionate individual leading you to attain success in everything you do and plan. In fact, you are in possession of a strength that could overcome any challenges that are seen as insufferable by people around you. So, make sure your admirable qualities will guide you in facing this horoscope 2012 New Year. Expect changes to happen during the first two months of the Scorpio horoscope 2012 New Year on the work front. Your career will be in an upward direction. This will be one of the numerous good news that you will be experiencing in this New Year. Your hard work will offer you gains in the long term. This situation will also make you feel relieved and comfortable. Get ready to welcome a promotion that you have been waiting for quite some time. This is the promotion you have worked for so diligently. Also, you can expect a pay increase during this time. In the middle part of the year, you will still be experiencing good benefits from work although a little bit subdued. But do not worry because this will just be a time for you to get ready for better and more worthy things that will come in your career. Remember to take some time to acquire new skills and knowledge that will help you broaden your career path.

- Source

And true enough, the career part is working well for me *insert big grin here.* Down to every letter.

Speaking of career, the Chinese New Year has always been a milestone for me. 2008's CNY was my first event four years ago, in the company that I work for currently. I remember having had to cover the event the company hosted in the middle of the plaza in Binondo, I remember being completely overwhelmed but thankful. I can't believe I was once a clueless 22 year old girl! :D

In 2009, I wasn't so much of a reporter --- but I did wear one of those gold cheongsams and rode the company float. With the then-president, too!

That's my messy table, right there.

I can't recognize myself, actually :D LOL, the things I did for work.

One of my favorite activities during the 2010 Chinese New Year would have to be the balloon-flying thing, though. We were to write our financial resolutions and I thank the heavens for making me better where I am now than I've ever been <3

And this year, well, I don't know what my part will be --- but I've never felt so happy and excited and feeling like it's going to be my best year so far. Can't wait for you, Year of the Dragon!

The town will be yellow once again <3 Can't wait.