Introducing: The League of Extraordinary Women

I've been meaning to do this a long time.

Here's the thing: I owe what I know to the women I've met, women whose wisdom had been passed on to me, to women whose smarts were delicately bequeathed to my thirsty mind. When you've been living independently for a decade, without so much as an influential factor to everyday decisions, you will begin to crave all sorts of important lessons in life because there is no one you can rely on to look after you.

You could say they were my mentors: physical and virtual --- some of them I have never met. And yet, the amount of inspiration and courage they'd shown in their individual lives have made the biggest difference --- including mine and others' lives.

Chasing dreams, going to the directions of their passions --- that is pretty much the theme of the newest section of this blog:

League of Extraordinary Women.

This is the title of the features of women I've looked up to over the years, where I ask them a number of questions, to draw strength and inspiration. Yes, it has been inspired by my favorite Chicago online magazine,

The Everygirl

. I've prided myself for being a woman, and as a way of giving back to the readers of this blog, I would like to feature a new inspiring woman every week, to delight you and inspire you with their stories, trials and wins.

I remember that line from Revolutionary Road --- where either Leo or Kate said something about the tiny little details that make up the loss of our lives. I'd been there, I felt like my life drifted away from me every day and I don't want that. Together with you, I want to tread the road of a life with intention, design and inspiration.

This is for you --- the woman who wakes up early to catch the bus to work, the woman who endures the city traffic, the woman who goes through countless, mind-numbing meetings, the woman who is expected to deliver and looking good, at that! This is for the woman who's looking to seek for that inspiration in the things we do, every single thing, every hour, every second. This is for the woman who finished a marathon, for the woman who strives to finish her tasks for the day so she can get to pole dancing class after. This is for the woman who perfects her Youtube-d recipes for her entire family. This is for the extraordinary woman.

This is where I want to be, I wish you will always find yourself in a place where you've dreamt yourself to be.

Stay tuned!