Things I Love Sundays: Paradise

"Paradise is wherever you are," tweets my friend T, who arrived at Lagen, El Nido, Palawan this morning. As for me, I am comfortably nestled in my white and striped quilted sheets on this picture-perfect Sunday morning. I just arrived from El Nido last night from one week of doing nothing and I'm blissfully rested, my mind is clear and well, I miss my life.

I love Palawan but my bed, oh my, Palawan has got nothing on you, babe.

But still, I am very thankful for everything. The air I breathe, the legs that take me to places I want to go, the laughter I belt out, the songs I'd been singing, the people in my life, OPTIONS, CHOICES and things we normally take for granted.

This song: Long Time by John de Sohn and Andreas Moe {thanks to Kat and her intro to this!}

Something perfect for my DIY --- and found right inside my home!

 T, from Mio Alphabet. Thank you Jasmine Mendiola!

 Surprise Cocktails!

 Mai Tai and --- what's in a mai tai again? This is of course, an inside joke.

Thoughtful iMessages and the color of blush. Thanks, T!

 Sharing Sunsets and Sun Days. 

 Someone did laundry while on vacation because of underpacking :D 

 Spontaneous trip bookings to guess where? SIQUIJOR!

 One of the best, heartbreaking episodes in a long time: Grey's Anatomy 9 x10. Happy to be catching up!

SUITS finally returns this 17th!

AND SPEAKING OF TV, my favorite series EVER gets a prequel and it is premiering this Monday!

I started reading the books over the weekend and what can I say, I will always love Carrie.

Quite impossible not to be endeared with The Robin page of The Playbook. :)
Best HIMYM episode for me.

 Finally joining a small group. French babies. Beach badminton. Playing Taboo {and kicking ass at it}. Playing life by the ear. Clarity. Perspective. Realizing that you have a good life because you miss it so much.

Who Says? | John Mayer

Life is just awesome. Awesome. Awesome.
I hope yours is, too!