Re-Everything Toner by VMV: A review

Here we go again with the road-testing.

Sometimes, it strikes me as a self-hazard thing, this beauty blogging. Not only do I expose myself to possible, unrecoverable life-altering breakouts, I also run the risk of exposing A LOT about myself in this blog sometimes. There were moments when I read through what I write and I think, "Wow, anyone who wants to get to know a lot of me can surely just read my blog and get a gist." It's equal parts amusing and scary when people I barely know approach me at random places like the elevator, the sidewalk and even the church and ask me how my vacation went, or if I'm already feeling better.

Then it happens that there are people who send me private messages, ask me to have wine or coffee with them, those who email me short yet sweet messages of how one blog post of this little website has changed their lives in a way --- and everything is all right in the world. And in blogging.

Today is about a nice not so little toner I have had in my product pantry for a couple of months now. While I loved my Kiehl's Blue Herbal Toner and House of Obagi Clenziderm Toner, this one deserves a spot and a post of recognition as I have used it for the last two weeks straight {have used it in the past a bit sporadically}.

The thing about VMV products, I learned, was that despite looking a little bit scary --- that dark brown bottle reminds me of old school apothecaries, was that it was a gentle giant in the world of beauty. As is such in the world of toners, I expected a bit of a tingling sensation when I used it but to no avail. No tingling sensation.


Why use a toner in the first place, you ask? I honestly have no scientific answer to that and I'd much rather not copy what Google says but I use toner every day because when I do, I take one look at the used cotton balls and that makes me want to apply toner on every square inch of my body. Can you imagine all the grime that would still be clinging if toner was never invented?

Key Observations:

  • Not a fan of the heavy, no nozzle bottle. As you can see in the photo above, I kind of spilled some while having our mini photoshoot. Clumsy! As an additional, it's tough to travel with this toner cos of its container plus it's hard to transfer it to a travel-bottle.
  • But hey --- it does the job. I wish I could show you my used cotton balls but that would be disgusting and improper. This is after cleansing with shu uemura's ultime8 sublime cleansing oil and a Clarisonic Mia. That's just a day of doing my normal stuff. Wow. Imagine what it would look like if I labored under the sun.
  • {Thankfully} no breakouts, no allergies and no dull skin. I'd say this and my Kiehl's toner had the same effect!
  • How to use, according to VMV: Start using only 1x-a-week in the beginning. Very slowly increase to 3x-a-week, then 1x-every-other-day, etc. until you achieve 2x-a-day usage (no earlier than week 8 of therapy). 
  • While there was no tingling sensation during the first time I used it, I experienced an itchy sensation in my face after using it, this time around. While it goes away almost immediately, I kind of panicked a bit. 
  • At Php 1,100 per 125 mL, it IS inexpensive, especially if you're the type who spends considerably for skin care.
  • I am using this for my neck and chest area since I'm trying to regain my old color and glow since I got back from vacation and I can spot a tiny {maybe-I'm-delusional} difference.
  • Ingredients: Aqua/Water/Eau, Alcohol, Glycerin, Glycolic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Kinetin.
  • Reminder: Don't forget to screw the cap on tightly. Learn from me: I spilled mine. Just a bit though.

Is this a product I would recommend: Yes. Very much.
Would I buy this product? Yes to that.
VMV Re-Everything Toner is available at all VMV counters nationwide and online.

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