Things I Love Sundays: Little Things

The week passed by me in a blur.

It happens whenever I jam-pack my calendar down to the last twenty minutes, hopping from one place to another, making it a personal challenge to drive somewhere, be back in the office for a meeting, and out the door again for another task. It's both fun and nerve-wracking at the same time, it makes my blood run, in a good way.


This girl is not all about working and burying myself in crazy Excel sheets. It was actually a fantastic week that was a balance of swim workouts, Barre3, dinner with my favorite girls, catching a funny, laugh-out-loud movie, catching up with my college buddies and laughing in the middle of Powerplant Mall.

The Other Woman | Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton

Watching sunsets.

Blooms where you're planted

Coconut water on these hot days. Can you believe how incredibly feverish it's been?

All systems go :D Can't wait!

Catching up with my favorite blogger, Nikki , and here we are playing with MAC Playland lipsticks: Happy Go Lucky on me, Red Balloon on Nikki.

Me and my happy selfie partner, Nicole. :D

"Healthfie" =P

Spending time with the BFF and seeing our college buddies and laughing like college wasn't more than 10 years ago #lolavibes Still, we went home at 3 AM!

It's a deliriously happy week of accomplishments, being on top of things, knowing what I want and getting them, pink grapefruit liquid detergents, Downy Happiness, freshly washed sheets, a new wardrobe, Entourage reruns. Life is awesome and amazing!

Have a great week ahead!
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