Deutschland in Photos

I miss Germany. I miss my family. I miss traveling and I miss myself when I'm traveling. Dear universe, please send me traveling again to wonderful places, please? Thank you.

For now, I'm gonna share with you some of my favorites from my recent Germany trip hoping to get more of my gallivanting vibe :P


Huge German pretzels at a market in Cologne

Cruising through the Rhein River

A sunny day in Hamburg

East Side Gallery, Berlin | And my favorite German city ever.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Potsdam, Berlin, aka the place I want to get married in

The Jewish Memorial, Berlin

Under the Bridge, Berlin

Everybody told me to eat currywurst so I did. Yum!

Love you a long time | Love Lock Bridge | Köln, Germany

Modlareuth | I can stay here a long time

Pork Knuckle Favorites

Dachau Concentration Camp | Munich

Schloss Neuschwanstein | Only one of my bucket list items that got ticked off.


Where it's Christmas all year: Rothenburg

I feel better now :) What a difference browsing through photos make!
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