Things I Love Sundays: The Best Part of Traveling

It's coming home after days of sleeping under the stars and the sun. It's coming home after nursing a bad burn. It's coming home because even if traveling is one of the best things in this life, the ultimate sign of a well designed life is still having an amazing life at home. I'm happy to have this.

Yesterday, I spent the day going around the island in a motorcycle. It was easily one of the best days I've ever had. I'm not quite sure if I've ever seen an island as beautiful as Siargao. The trees are lined up beautifully, kind of like in Kyoto, but greener. The roads are paved well. Some moments, I spent talking to locals. Some, I really just took in the sight of rice fields, perfectly laden, endless rows of coconut trees. I arrived to the best beach in the island, which was Magpupungko and climbed a small lagoon where you have the best view of the clearest turquoise waves. I'd never seen turquoise waves so this was an aaaaaah moment for me. It wasn't so much it was a life defining moment but it was just really admiring simple things in life.

There's actually a video I wanna share with you posted by my friend but I'm on my iPad and I won't be able to embed till later. It's about the traveling douchebags of the world, talking about how travel changed them etc. it was so funny. And true :p

So that's me today. I'm really excited to come home, sleep on my bed and resume my life. Till my next travels :)

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